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Posted by Daniela Elza on Dec 14 2010

Ok, I did have to shake a few cobwebs on my logging in here today, but such has been life. Busy. Today my task is to re-read through what is shaping up as the first draft of my thesis. (Yes, I will, right after I am done with this entry).

I noticed that the Habitual Poet interview I did a few months ago for Peomeleon’s blog is up. The Habitual Poet is an ongoing series of contributor interviews. Here is the link to mine. While you are there you can check out other writers’ interviews. These little windows into what the life of writing involves, how it evolves.

On a similar note a blog I have been enjoying lately is Poetic Edits, Eddas and eddies run by Kevin Spenst. By asking four questions on revisions Kevin is creating a space for writers to talk about this mysterious process. If you have time check it out. I find this a very healthy space. I am fascinated with each persons process and way of coping with this joyful and sometimes most onerous of tasks.

Another project that is bringing writers together is Christine Leclerc’s website. It features a collaborative poem that’s being put together in resistance to the proposed Enbridge pipeline from Alberta to the coast of British Columbia. If you have not contributed to the Enpipe Line yet, here is more information on how you can become part of it.

My poem in earth dreams adds 0.478km to it. The math: 300 cm of 12 pt font = 1 km of enpiping (squared). Currently the poems submitted amount to 32.023km. The goal is to make a long collaborative poem the length of 1,173 km.
Incidentally, the latest instalment on Poetic Edits is by Christine Leclerc.

Ok, back to thesis, now.
Happy Holidays if I do not see you in person this holiday season.

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