celebrating the image and the word

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jan 09 2011

Again we will gather to celebrate the image and the word in the Jewish Community Centre. The event tonight is inspired by “out of the silence” art show by sidi schaffer. I am glad to see these events are becoming regular. It is a wonderful way to come together write and share.
Usually five or so features gather a week before the event to write to the art and then when we get together they share their work and the audience is invited to participate and write to the art on the walls as well, and also to share at open mike their fledgling lines. I have participated a few times and have loved being part of it, whether as a feature or an immediate participant.

So whether your writing is thriving, or you have had a hard time (or no time) putting pen to paper come and join us.

I will be co-hosting with Dennis Bolen tonight’s

  • Word Whips event: Inspired by “out of the silence” an art show by sidi schaffer.
    Time: 7-9 pm. Location: Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery, JCCGV 950 W 41st Ave.

    Features: Mary Duffy, Christy Hill, Taslim Jaffer, Stephen Karr, Eva Waldauf. Audience is encouraged to participate by writing to the exhibit and sharing their work at the mic as well.

    Presented by The Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery, Pandora’s Collective and The Isaac Waldman Jewish Public Library.

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