Posted by Daniela Elza on Feb 13 2011

It looks like there will be about 10 more days of intense dissertation revisions, and editing. Nothing really stops to wait for that. Life is, as usual, busy and whirlwindy. Dissertation work gets done in between all else. Every moment feels precious. And I do miss new writing. This past year, and still into the new year, most of the writing work has been around collecting, selecting, compiling old work into manuscripts, and now dissertation, and lots of submissions. Looking forward to when I get a chance to write new stuff.

While that is going on I heard back from Other Voices and they have accepted a collaborated poem between myself and Arlene Ang, titled there is no like like this. This is our fourth collabpoem. We are currently working on our fifth one. I find Arlen’s poetry very inspiring, and I feel honoured to be writing with her. Our first collaboration is up on Poemeleon.

Another recent acceptance was by Ascent Aspirations Anthology. This year’s theme is around work. EFL Lesson and asphalt spring will be coming out in Close to Quitting time: An Anthology depicting the various facets of work. So look out for both this Spring.
Ok, back to editing, and counting the days.

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