Posted by Daniela Elza on Mar 08 2011

Collaborations seems to be the theme this week. A guest blog post on writing as a couple (between myself and my collaborator in life, Dethe) went up on Lofty Ambitions Blog yesterday. You can read the post here. I am currently in the midst of a couple of poems with fellow poets. Eight of the collaborated poems have been published in places like qarrtsiluni (Mutating the Signature Issue), Poemeleon (The Collaborative issue). Two more collab poems are forthcoming this month in BluePrint Review (Synergetic Transformations issue) and one in the Spring issue of Other Voices.

The pause in the word collab.orations was inspired by Al Rempel. Al and I also have a collaborated poem (unhinged) which appeared in Pedestal Magazine last year. You can read the poem here.

I am invited next week Tuesday to read at a reading specially geared toward collaborations. Two of the people I have collaborated with (Rob Taylor and Christi Kramer) will come and collab.orate on reading the poems we wrote together. Two more (Dethe Elza and Robin Susanto) might be able to make it if we figure out the logistics around children and work.
Here are the details. (Hey, this might be a record for me to put up a post to an event a whole week before the event. I am pretty good at updating my readings page, but posting events on the front page ahead of time, is still a challenge).

  • Short Line Readings Series:
    Poets in Conversation

The Memewar Arts & Publishing Society is please to present a night of free readings themed to collaboration.
This evening will feature several writers who involve others in their writing process:

  • Shannon Rayne (Dirty and Chasing Sunrise)
  • Warren Dean Fulton of Pooka Press
  • Mariner Janes
  • Daniela Elza
  • Christine Leclerc (Enpipe Line and Counterfeit)

Shannon Rayne and Warren Fulton are collaboratively writing a manuscript of shared experiences, Mariner Janes will be reading poems that are responses to other poems, and Christine Leclerc and Daniela Elza feature work that is co-written with other writers.

The reading will be at The Railway Club (579 Dunsmuir) on Tuesday March 15 at 6:30-8:30pm.

For more information contact Aubyn Radar (editor of Memewar Magazine): info(at)memewaronline(dot)com
Hope I will see you at the reading next Tuesday, March 15th.
For now Happy International Women’s Day to all.

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