all together now

Posted by Daniela Elza on Mar 29 2011

The BluePrintReview today launched its issue on Synergetic Transformations. The issue will go up a few entries at a time to give space to the different collaborators to showcase their work. I like that. There is more breathing room and one can savour the work better.
The first three pieces are up. (I cannot hide the excitement.) I am moved. Perhaps it is me and my fascination with work in collaboration. This turning toward another. This moment/movement between two.
And the intimacy? Yes. The intimacy could be frightening and at the same time life giving and beautiful. Adding further testimony that writing is not a lonely activity. We are always in collaboration with voices present or not. Here it is the present that touches. It is different than seeing just your own work up there. It is more like seeing your kid perform on stage. And you are a parent in the audience.

This issue will showcase three pieces I have collaborated on with three different poets: Arlene Ang, Christi Kramer, and Robin Susanto. The first one is up: memory revises us. It was written in active collaboration with Arlene Ang. Arlene is my longest standing collaborator for now. We are finishing up our sixth poem together and launching into the seventh. It has been such a privilege to work with Arlene.

Thank you Dorothee for your work on this issue and for bringing us all together in this synergetic celebration.

3 Responses to “all together now”

  1. Dorothee Says:

    Daniela, thanks for putting those reflections in words. i am moved by the issue, too – and love this line “This turning toward another.”

    and thanks for your contributions – so fascinating to see the differences and connecting points between the 3 collaborations your are part of. (>> the art of being p/art of a poem)

  2. Kim Goldberg Says:

    This is so wonderful and exciting, Daniela! What a great example of artistic collaboration. And I love that there are “Notes on Process” at the end of each piece so we can see how the collaboration came about. Thanks for posting about it! :)

  3. Daniela Elza Says:

    Thanks Kim. There should be two more coming up in this issue.
    I will link to them when they go up. And yes, the notes are an interesting part trying to capture the interactions.