LEARNing Landscapes

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jul 16 2011

The latest issue of LEARNing Landscapes is out. I have an essay in it. Inquiry: Perspectives, Processes and Possibilities (Spring 2011 Vol.4 No.2 ) presents a range of approaches, examples and issues around the theme of inquiry.

My essay is titled It’s Like Telling People You Have Rats and Forgetting to Qualify Them as Pets: A Poet’s Journey and you will find it on page 187.

How do I take my place as a learner, parent, educator in the fractal, multifaceted, kaleidoscopic process of being and becoming? How to negotiate the forces that pull us and push us in different directions? Or, how I discovered I am a poet, and survived to tell of it.

You can read it electronically in a PDF version or you can also have a print copy if you wish.
I thank the editors Mary Stewart and Lynn Butler-Kisber for including this essay in their journal. Also thank you to the peer-reviewers for their kind comments.

Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to let me know what it stirs.

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