It is like the Tao Te Ching but more colourful

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jul 30 2011

Another view of the book of It came in today and made my day:
Poet Alex Winstanley says:

WOWEEEE. It is like the Tao Te Ching but more colourful. I love that part about sitting by the campfire with Plato, melting the Forms into marshmallows. The playfulness of the book dabs from a palette of delight onto the grey matter of the adult mind. I love how you get really in between things, like a child fitting between a wall and the refrigerator. So original! So refreshing! I am also really impressed by how you create a mood and an aura with so few words. Quite masterful…

Thank you, Alex, for engaging with It. Your words too are poetic and refreshing. The child fitting between the wall and the refrigerator…love it.

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