pre.occupied: intersection, street, direction

Posted by Daniela Elza on Oct 16 2011

Yesterday we purposefully stumbled onto the Occupy Vancouver rally at the Vancouver Art gallery. I do not have too many words since I am still processing it. Also my words are focused on revisions for the manuscript for my upcoming book, as well as my conference presentation. But here are some iphone photos:

There was a good feeling about the place for the time I was there. On the steps of the art gallery people took turns talking. Each had 5 minutes. What I heard were eloquent, erudite expressions for the world we are sustaining and how we can create a better one. I was impressed and touched. I was not there for too long but in that short time I heard two poets speak as well (one a student in grade 12 and the other a spoken word poet). So good to see the poets there. Of course they have to be. This is poet territory with our quiet revolutions. See love backwards in revolution. That was on a sign I could not zoom in on.

The expressions were varied and not necessarily always in agreement. Which was also touching. There was no feeling of: if you are not with me you are against me.

Talking of directions:

There were places one could make a sign if they did not have one. Some random signs.

And this was my favourite. A very busy intersection downtown looked like this yesterday:

And the photo of the day:

If you do not get a chance to go out and support this phenomenon at least consider thinking about it. Do not give up if it is too hard contemplating this. It is. And giving up is not an option. Let it occupy you. Devote a small space of yourself to it. Let it grow.

6 Responses to “pre.occupied: intersection, street, direction”

  1. Bonnie Nish Says:

    Love your post today!! Wish I could have been there but otherwise engaged. So glad to see the photos and thanks for sharing.

  2. Maya Borhani Says:

    Dear Daniela ~ I think that was my sign you saw spelling rEVOLution with the LOVE emphasized…. :) I spent most of the day there, leaving around 5 p.m. ~ indeed a beautiful, articulate peaceful gathering spurred on by love, and variegated but united purpose! I need to ask you about your poem on the bus RE a school project of mine ~ any chance you can drop me an email directly? Many thanks for the lovely words, Daniela, and looking forward to reconnecting. In solidarity and love, Maya

  3. Ann Blackwell Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your words and photos. I love the sign which points out love spelled backwards in revolution! How powerful and hopeful. Would have loved to be there but glad you were and you shared. Hugs, Ann

  4. Karyn Eisler Says:

    This is so wonderful to find, and how I found it is interesting: A Vancouver resident, here I attend the local Occupy Rally on your website through this post, which I found through the international > Language > Place blog carnival on editor Dorothee Lang’s website based in Germany. Funny how this global cyber-journey brings me back home to an event I didn’t actually attend downtown ~

  5. sherry o'keefe Says:

    yes, exactly what karyn said! (except i don’t live in vancouver. and in montana, the gatherings are tiny.)


  6. Vivian Faith Prescott Says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos. I like it that you admit you’re still processing what you experienced. I’ve often had that feeling. It’s really hard to write from that space. Also, I love the idea that there was a place to make signs. Creativity in the midst; How wonderful.