please meet Baikusheva Mura, she is 1300 years old

Posted by Daniela Elza on Oct 30 2011

Today I met Baikusheva Mura. She is an inhabitant of our planet that is 1300 years old.

Baikusheva Mura (Black Fir).
Pinus Leugodermis.
Age: 1300 years.
Circumference: 7.8m.
1930 meters above sea level.
Height: 26m.
She was found in the year 1897.
(I was not sure if to refer to the tree as a he or a she. I will refer to her as she since in Bulgarian fir is in the feminine. So why not. This helps sort it out a bit.)
A view of the top of her:

A view of the middleof her:

View of the bottom:

A view of her roots:

The whole of her:

The skin (or the scales) of her:

A different angle of the whole tree:

And me so happy to be here. So hard to leave. We had just barely met. I took so many photos. Wish I could put them all up. This tree is about as old as the country of Bulgaria.

So much to say, so much to share. I cannot even tell what language we spoke. I am in love again.

4 Responses to “please meet Baikusheva Mura, she is 1300 years old”

  1. Kim Goldberg Says:

    Beautiful, Daniela! Thanks for sharing. This tree made my day!


    Hi Daniela, I remember Baikusheva very well. We met on one of those foggy nights when I was stumbling home from a wild night at a dance hall. As I was making my way down this muddy pathway, I actually bumped into her and, my words? ” Sorry love, I didn’t see you coming. Are you alright?” To which she responded, ” HA HA young fella, people have been bumping into me for quite a while, a millennium or more” ‘Oh my God! I thought, was that a talking tree?’ She read my mind and returned. “Oh yes. I am the god of this forest and I only whisper to those whom I love; I notice you carry no axe.” “How could anybody ever consider removing you from the Earth, my dear?” i said. “HA, I agree; and Peter, [she knew my name?] to all those who love me I grant great magic and wisdom. The greatness of love for all who come from the blessed ground.” “Yes, but how can I love you? How?” “Give me a big hug Peter, and remember me. Bye bye” Oh that night, that foggy night.
    Oh God!

  3. Rob T Says:

    Yay, a trip update! Keep ’em coming!

  4. Nitroadan Says:

    I see the picture with the lady and I do not think that tree has almost 8 meters in diameter …