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Posted by Daniela Elza on Jun 24 2012

Friday morning I had the pleasure to work with Clyde Reed (bass), and Jared Burrows (guitar). Delightful and exhilarating. This is us after rehearsal. Really I did not need any coffee after that.

[from left:Jared Burrows, little me, and Clyde Reed]

I am always left pondering what happens in these moments when we can be so alive and connected.

[thank you Clyde for these photos]

If you want to partake of this event come. Event starts tomorrow June 25th. First set will be myself with Jared and Clyde. The second set that night will be with Kedrick James, with musicians Clyde, Jared and Coat Cooke. Then three more days which will all be very different, and unique.

Come to all four evenings of poetry, spontaneous song, and improvised music events. See the poster for further details on who performs what night with whom. And spread the word. Here are the participants.

5 Poets: Kedrick James, Kate Braid, Mark Weber, Laura Winter and myself.

7 Musicians: Clyde Reed (bass), Jared Burrows (guitar), Coat Cooke (reeds), Rich Halley (reeds), Michael Vlatkovich (trombone), Lisa Miller (piano), Steve Bagnell (sax and percussion)

3 Voice: Viviane Houle, Ion Zoo: Carol Sawyer, DB Boyko.

Again: June 25-28, 2012
@Prophouse Cafe, 1636 Venables St.,Vancouver
Admission by donation.
More details on attached poster.

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