4 days of *Words and Music* done

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jun 28 2012

Yesterday was the fourth day of the Words and Music series of events that have been happening this week at the Prophouse. It has been an amazing crossing and criss-crossing, and cross-pollinating of poetry, instruments, voice, not to mention audience. Below you will see some photos of the different nights.
Day 1, 1st Set:
Clyde Reed on bass and Jared Burrows on guitar and myself at the mic with the poetry.

And one more.

Day 1, 2nd Set:
Kedrik James (spoken word) with Coat Cooke on reeds, Clyde Reed on bass, and Jared Burrows on guitar.

And one more.

[photos taken on Clyde’s camera]
Day 2, 1st Set:
Kate Braid (poet) with Clyde Reed (bass).

And later…

Day 2, 2nd Set:
Viviane Houle (voice) plus Clyde, Jared Burrows, Rich Halley (reeds), Michael Vlatkovich (trombone)

Viviane had a piece on impossible feet. As I was talking to her after the show I looked up and saw these shoes up in the pipes below the ceiling. Had to take a photo of those impossible feet. Can you see them above Viviane’s eyebrows.

Day 3, 1st Set:
Mark Weber (poet) plus Michael Vlatkovich and Ion Zoo which includes Carol Sawyer (voice), Lisa Miller (piano), Steve Bagnell (sax and percussion), Clyde Reed (bass)

Day 3, 2nd Set:
Ion Zoo: Carol Sawyer (voice), Lisa Miller (piano), Steve Bagnell (sax and percussion), Clyde Reed (bass)

Day 4, 1st Set:
Laura Winter (poet) plus Clyde Reed, Rich Halley, Michael Vlatkovich

Day 4, 2nd Set:
DB Boyko (voice) plus Clyde, Coat, Jared, and Michael Vlatkovich.

Of course, what is any performance without its audience? We had a minimum of 30 people each night. Here is a round of applause for the audience.
( ( ( ( o ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )
Thank you to all who have come so far to support this event.

Plans are underway, soon to be overway, for another series of performances in the Fall. So keep an eye, and an ear, out for the next instalment of Words and Music.

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