Press 1 to go to latest book review and poem

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jul 16 2012

Press 1 is an online literary journal with chief editors Valerie Fox and Nicole Kline, and Phyllis Wat. I am tempted to say it is out of Philadelphia but it is unclear with such ventures how many cross border hands and efforts go into the making of such a journal.

In their latest issue which just went live, Press 1 had the weight of dew reviewed. This is the first review from abroad, and across borders.
In it Sarah Munroe begins with: Daniela Elza’s debut book of poems, the weight of dew, is a rare combination of analytical precision, presentation, and lyricism.
And she ends with:
This is a voice that is still being refined, but already Elza has created powerful natural images that tap into a reader’s deepest experiences and questions.

They also published one of my latest poems
not sure what to say. A poem that came about while I was traveling last year to England and Bulgaria (late October early November), a time when the question of home was challenged and challenging me.

In 2009 Press 1 published a couple of poems of mine you can read here. I love the way they combine art work with the poetry. I also have been very impressed with the technical skills that go into presenting the shapes of the poems so well. Asphalt Spring for instance is a circular poem. So trust that your work is in good and caring hands.

Thank you Valerie Fox for being so supportive of contributors to Press 1.
Be sure to check out this issue. You might also get tempted to send them something when the call for the next issue is out.

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