celebrating Dethe

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jul 27 2012

No, it is not his birthday. It is just every day. I do not have many pictures of Dethe and I together. But I feel together each minute of my day.
Here we are in a quiet moment after my graduating. In the midst of the bus stop and bustle it was like an oasis. Somehow we can do this. And somehow these little moments remain, no matter what we go through.

I dedicated the weight of dew to my Dethe. I met him with a poem. And he was my first fan. His encouragement, attention, and faith is part of what has kept my faith in what I do. It is he that is by my side through thick and thin. Reminds me what is important in the crazy whirlwinds of what we encounter. And it seems effortless, though we know it is bloody hard work on some days. It could be magic, if you can think of magic as that which supports life, and enhances it. As that which flows. As that which leaves you intact.

To celebrate life in little ways. Consistently. Persistently. A touch, a look, a kiss.

And not to forget. Everyday. Like this.

5 Responses to “celebrating Dethe”

  1. Rob Taylor Says:

    Yes, Dethe deserves to be celebrated! Even I think that, and he never kisses me ;)

  2. Daniela Elza Says:

    lol. There is still time. Never say never.

    We should also celebrate Marta. Though I cannot say the same for Marta. She has hugged me. She might have even kissed me.

  3. Nevena Says:

    Hey- I’ve kissed you, too! And I hugged both Dethe and you just yesterday! :-)
    Beautiful photos, warmth and LOVE…

  4. Strange Places » of rejections, acceptances and other celebrations Says:

    […] [at the Chancellor’s Awards Dinner at the Diamond Alumni Centre, SFU. Photo courtesy of SFU]. Guess who attended the special dinner with me? (Another photo of me and Dethe to add to my celebrating Dethe collection) […]

  5. Daniela Elza Says:

    Nevena, all these hugs and kissed and love-they work miracles. I have your hug here. I take good care of it. Oh, and those kisses too…