two more acceptances

Posted by Daniela Elza on Mar 19 2013

When months drag by with no news from submissions, or when you hear back, but it is one rejection after another, it is quite exciting when in one month I receive four acceptances. No matter how much one has published, it is always exciting to hear back when work is accepted. I heard back from two more places which are going to be debut issues. And alongside Cascadia Review (which accepted my work last fall) that makes three debut issues. What a great way to be part of new beginnings.

The following three poems are forthcoming in The Pinnacle Literary Journal, Spring 2013.
The first two are going to be in my upcoming book.

  • crows in the ruins
  • tree morphologies
  • man rises into ashes

Also the other day I heard back that three more poems were accepted for publication in The Inflectionist Review (debut issue). Two of them were written in the past year, and one is an older poem. It is always thrilling to get new work out there.

  • stoking the fire
  • stoking the fire 2
  • ten nine fish

Also three anthologies will be launching next month in which I have work included and for one of them I was also an editor.

So a lot is going on. My gratitude goes out to the editors who accepted my work for publication. I am also really excited about the fact that both the Alive at the Centre and The Inflectionist Review are published out of Portland, Oregon in the US. I love crossing borders. All sorts of borders.

And last but not least, my book milk tooth bane bone will also be out next month. So you can imagine the excitement.
Now, back to work.

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