Launching “Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here” Anthology

Posted by Daniela Elza on Mar 28 2013

Tonight. I am co-hosting this event with poet and friend Rob Taylor as well as reading a couple of poems from the anthology Al-Mutanabbi Starts Here.
There are also a line up of guest readers who will be reading work and speaking to the projects they have taken to heart to be activists about. Yes, to the poet as revolutionary.

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Come and celebrate a night of readings toward socially engaged writing of resistance, witness, and peace.
Here are the details:
A night of socially engaged writing of peace provocation and witness with the launch of Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here Anthology.
Contributors to the anthology will read.
Also eaturing Cristine Leclerc with special guests Susan McCaslin, Stephen Collis, Renee Saklikar, Elena E. Johnson and Juliane Okot Bitek. Thursday, March 28, 7-9:30pm, at The Cottage Bistro, 4468 Main Street.
Suggested donation at the door: $5.
All are welcome.
More information at

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  1. Daniela Elza Says:

    It was an amazing night. So much good vibe, so many distinct voices. I went home satiated, filled. This morning I am sitting in the glow of last night. Thank you, to all the readers and the more than 60 people who gathered to celebrate the anthology, and the many other projects underway to make the world take better notice of itself.