the passionate transitory

Posted by Daniela Elza on Apr 04 2013

Sometimes I send send send work out and am happy when at the end of the year (on average) I get one acceptance a month. This last month I have received six acceptances. Feels like harvest time. Reminds me not to despair when the rejections string in a row like too many rainy days when no matter how much you love the rain you want the sun to make an appearance.
The sixth, and latest, acceptance came from The Passionate Transitory, an online journal out of the UK which is now in its fourth issue. They might also be the ones with the quickest response time (response on the third day). Followed closely by The Inflectionist Review (response on the fifth day from submission).

The Passionate Transitory accepted the three poems I sent them. They are:

  • the crow hour II
  • November (in another year of War
  • trappings

The poems are planned to come out in the summer issue.

Another pleasant discovery in the current issue (Spring, 2013) were poems in it by John Sibley Williams. John is also the co-editor of The Inflectionist Review. We are planning a reading together in Portland on May 2nd. I had the pleasure to read his upcoming book, Controlled Hallucinations and write a blurb for the back cover. Yes, my first blurb. I found it a hard thing to do. Still, I am glad I took the challenge. His book will be hopefully out for the May 2nd reading.

One Response to “the passionate transitory”

  1. roger whittaker Says:

    i always like it when you have success with your writing – i feel something inside me stir as if it were sleeping and now upon hearing your voice – even in my head – it wakes – turns to look out of the cavern opening – looks for your form or shape or even shadow – seeing nothing – but still hearing your voice – it settles down again – sleeping dragon – sleeping cat or bear – metaphors – just metaphors for the reality of your reflection with in my memory of you — then i read or see of your success … it stirs