We have a CD

Posted by Daniela Elza on Dec 15 2013

Soressa Gardner has been hard at work on a CD which combines poems from my “milk tooth bane bone” book and her soundscapes and vocals.

I am quite in love with what she has done. We have kept quiet about this, but now we have a 6 track home-made CD (about 30 min in length). It is called *Crow Morphologies*.

Some of the tracks are soundscapes embracing the poems. Others have music voice and vocals added. Each track has its own feel and comprises of a few pieces. We have an origami cover. Maybe it is not very sexy, but it is hand folded and home made.

The CDs are numbered. 10 are already out into the world. If you would like one please let us know. They are $10 each. If we have to mail it then that will be $12. Give us your order/s and we will find a way to get it to you.

Track three was turned into a video poem with Tara Flynn’s expertise added in the mix. Here is a link to that. Will post another taste of it later.

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