a week in the south of England

Posted by Daniela Elza on May 14 2014

The week at Bedales School is done. It was full and I am happy to have been here. During my stay I gave a talk, did a few workshops with different classes, there was time for one-on-one clinics, and at the end we had a reading in Lupton Hall. Also wrote a poem for the Poet’s Stone which is the literary magazine the school puts out once a year. The Poet’s Stone comes from a real stone in the area dedicated to the memory of local poet Edward Thomas who was killed at the Battle of Arras in 1917. I probably saw 120-130 students over the course of four days.

The hall where the reading took place last night is an inspiration in itself and full of history. It is part of the same building as the library (see photos in previous post). It was an intimate reading (this being exam week and all). A good number of students stepped up to the virtual open mic and read their work too. Here it is, Lupton Hall.


While here I also had the pleasure to listen to a talk by Stephen Fry, who came to the school to speak about The Secret of Life, or at least that is what I think he was meant to speak about.


The sunset last night and the full moon were a lovely culmination to it all.


I will leave you this morning with a view from my window


and a poem by Hugo Williams.


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