Posted by Daniela Elza on May 20 2014

The trip is almost coming to an end.
I would like to thank David Anson (Head of English) for making the visit to Bedales School possible and putting together a workable schedule despite the busy exam week. Much gratitude goes to Tobias Hardy and his wonderful family for welcoming me into their home and taking such good care of me. Thank you Toby for taking me on that epic walk through fields, streams, and woods and down memory lane. Thank you to the three cats who put up with me, and to endlessly playful Bella, who licked me more than I have ever let any dog lick me.

I am looking forward to reading the next Poet’s Stone, which will also have a poem of mine in it. I also left a copy of each of my books for the library. I would love to know whose company they will keep, which books will sit on either side of them.
Here is a little write up in the Bedales Saturday Bulletin about the visit. Again thanks to David, for the write up and the photographer who documented the moment.
Here is a photo after the talk:
Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.18.45 AM

My eyes are still filled with the numerous shades of green that the countryside offers in this little paradise in the south of England.

I also wanted to thank the editors of the Ping-Pong Literary Journal ( a literary journal of The Henry Miller Library), who just accepted the poem forecasts, which I wrote to their prompt.

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