cypress falls

Posted by Daniela Elza on Sep 28 2014

This was my first time going to Cypress Falls in North Vancouver.
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I have been meaning to go to the woods for so long and life has been just too demanding of my time.
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But really there is no excuse.

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Walking among trees that are probably between 500 and 1000 years old very quickly puts things in perspective.
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Long term and short term. From what endures to the most delicate structure that a wave of your unthinking hand can destroy.
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The inquiry of trees. Trees do not give up easily. Even when they fall they hold onto rocks (some as big as me) in their roots clenching them as if they are something precious. And they are.
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They do not only put things in perspective. They put things in poetry too. See those lives spinning, see those lines spinning in my head. See that height that is not making me dizzy? I can sit all day like that and grow roots to talk to trees. Every walk there is a poetry walk. Every walk there is a life-line walk. Every walk there is a reminder of what it is we love and what loves us back without imposing conditions on us.

  • [all the photography in this post is courtesy of Robin Susanto and his poetic vision and light sensibility]

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