playing in the poetic surf

Posted by Daniela Elza on Oct 11 2014

The weekend at the Oregon Poetry Association gathering in Bandon, Oregon, was wonderful. The motel was perched right above the beach with the surf rolling in and the foghorn at night. The sound of the surf was constant, permeated everything. Oh, how I love that sound, that constant reminder of the power of the ocean.

My workshop was very well received. Lots of good conversations.
By the end of the stay there I felt that not only I loved it, but I was loved back.
By the people, by the ocean,
by the rocks, and cliffs. Even by the smallest of living things.
Oh that incessant surf, and how things looked so different at night and in the mist.
I had that don Juan (Carlos Castaneda) feeling

when we descended to the beach in the dark
and everything looked like something else.
And how in the morning everything was different, new, swept clean except for what the ocean coughed up at night. What the ocean composed.
Thank you to the organizers, all the participants for their enthusiasm, and presence, and to Analoly, who was kind enough to give me a ride between Portland and Bandon and back.

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