happy (still so) new 2015

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jan 26 2015

The old year left and the new one arrived. Yes, I was keeping an eye on all that, but I was also busy with a number of things that were pre-occupying me with such delight that all I feared I would feel at the end of the outgoing year was overshadowed by this delight.

Which is a wonderful change from the emotional landscape of the rest of 2014. There are a few new things in my life that I wished for, including a new job (which I love very much). I have also been reading a surfeit of poetry. And, no, it is not a form of punishment. Well, mostly not.

It is only now that I am finally coming around to wishing everyone a Happy New Year. The year is still so crisp and so new and has not gathered any dust or grime around the edges. Let’s keep it that way. Let it be new till the end.

Happy New Year! (You get one exclamation mark, so you know this is significant. I do not use them lightly. In fact, I do not use them at all.)

A few things I wanted to share that came in during this pause in posts.

Pedestal Magazine (US), December 2014, published eros/ions (3 fragments). (You can read the poem by clicking on the title.)

I am thrilled that Crannóg Magazine (in Ireland) will be publishing speeding steel in their Issue 38, Spring 2015.

And some work will be appearing in the debut and issue 2 of The Absinthe Poetry Review (US), 2015. Namely, afloat (on the emotion of bodies, you could be the one who knocks (a collaborated poem between Matea Kulić and Daniela Elza) and 7 fragments from my self-portraits series.

Also this past year I ran out of the first print run of the book of It. Thank you to all who purchased it. To all of you who loved it enough to write back and tell me about it. It is available in both electronic versions and in a print on demand version and if you want get yourself a copy you can find it here. The Kindle edition, here.

I found this comment on the book by a Kindle customer on Amazon:

At first, I puzzled over the spacing, but then I slipped into the spacing and started recalling some of my favorite childhood memories. The world was more alive then, dew on wet feet, carrots fresh from the ground with the earth still clinging, late night questions my brother and I pondered before sleep took over. The childhood wonder of being 3, 4 and 5 again that Daniela Elza captured and returned to me. And then returned me to age 68, where I was pondering philosophy, physics and the current world. I read this right after finishing “Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn,” by Amanda Gefter. What a perfect transition. And then, of course, I had to go fix dinner; both worlds would have to wait.

This is also a good time to express my gratitude to everyone who made 2014 what it was,
to you who will partake of the next year,
to my family,
my publishers,
to my editors,
fellow writers,
and all of you readers who have sat with my words, who have dreamed on them, who have been inspired.

To you who bridge the gaps: Let 2015 be another delightful leap into the unknown.
And hope we can face it all with love, compassion and grace.

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