a ray of sunshine a poem and a sentence

Posted by Daniela Elza on Nov 09 2015

This morning I have been working in my living room in that place on the floor where the sun lights up a spot as it passes through the wintery sky. Taking in as much of the light for as long as it shows up in November. Sometimes it peeks from behind the pines and it flits on my eyelashes. In a few special moments we have even briefly looked into each other’s eyes.

So what is new? Well, lots, including a new government which seems to have lifted a big worry burden off many shoulders, but what I would like to mention here is the following two very small things.

It was nice to wake up on Sunday to an acceptance of a little poem called at the clinic. It will be forthcoming in Cactus Heart Press, BODIES issue, 14.5. Thank you to the editors for selecting it. I am still struggling with the ending. I feel there is still a better way.

Also the book to which I contributed one sentence is out as well. The sentences are written by different writers. A Rewording Life by Sheryl Gordon is a book of sentences that elucidates and brings clarity to obscure words in collaboration with over a thousand Canadians (Yann Martel, Jane Urquhart, Terry Fallis, Miriam Toews, Wayson Choy, Sass Jordan, Colin Mochrie, et al.). My word is chimera.
The book is hoping to raise money for dementia research. For more on this project, and how to support it, click here.

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