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Posted by Daniela Elza on Aug 04 2016

Recently, I made more crow morphologies CDs, and tucked them in their origami covers.

[front cover]

The poems come from my book milk tooth bane bone and the vocals and soundscapes are by the wonderful Soressa Gardner.


You can hear the spaces between the words in the CD the way they are meant to be read. I love what Soressa did in collaboration with the poems and my voice. It delights me still. The CD is 30 min. long and has six tracks on it.

[back cover]

Each is $10. Each is a crow. So you can pick a number. We are at Crow # 60. Some of the numbers have already flown away like #63, 64, 66, 72 and #65 & #67 are spoken for.


Click here to listen to at.tension (track three), which was also turned into a video poem by Tara Flynn.

Here is a review of crow morphologies by Catherine Owen (thank you, Catherine).

Let me know if you want one and I will find a way to get it to you. If shipping is involved and you are in Canada it will cost about $2 extra. If it has to be shipped further I can find out how much the shipping will be and can release a crow your way.


Initially, I imagined listening to the CD in the car on a long drive somewhere. I listened to it for the first time in its entirety, and as a listener, driving between Smithers and Terrace, BC. Away from the noise and bustle of the city. It was overcast and there were low tatters and wisps of clouds floating in and out between the hills. Some of these formations almost looked like dragons in their shifting. And I cried. It was an unforgettable moment. I was delighted to receive this note from a perfect connoisseur:

“I listened to your CD on my way north to the Cariboo. It was joyous. I am so proud to be able to say that I am living in the time of Daniela Elza, to share this atmosphere with your breath. Thank you. You got it perfect. This is the kind of work the whole world should notice.”

Thank you Harold Rhenisch for these words. And thank you to the rest of you who emailed me with similar sentiments.

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