Posted by Daniela Elza on Nov 04 2016

It has been a while. I was going to post something about my one week tour to Calgary back in August. Here we are in November already and I have not yet done that. Halloween just passed. Perhaps that summer post will come in December, when I need to remember again the long August days.
It has been rainy and gloomy too often lately, and the sun only makes small appearances here and there. I counted six rainy days in a row recently. So, perhaps my choice for a mask was no surprise. Something about light dispersing the dark, something about raven stealing the sun and releasing it into the sky.
Yes, there is a first time for everything. And this time it was putting on a mask. And so this is how we were in the Writing Room this past Monday.

These leaves I found on the ground at lunch break and … the similarity drew me. The shape of the leaves and how they hold the light also drew me.

At work the kids asked what I was. I said: I am a poem open to interpretation.

They made their guesses. They came up with ones I would never have come up with. That is the beauty of keeping the doors of poems open.
I hope you are all well in these shortening days. Make the dark less dark with your laughter and your wonder, your awe and your words.

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