poetry month thrills

Posted by Daniela Elza on Apr 11 2018

Again, second year in a row, I have two of my students winning a national youth contest. Out of the five people I encouraged to submit four got listed in the Jessamy Stursberg Poetry Prize. Two winners and two honourable mentions. There is so much reward and joy associated with getting such acknowledgements for your work at an early age. Yes, writing is its own reward, I teach them. Yes, submit and then forget about it. But when it happens it is a definite boost and recognition that we are doing the work. Also it is priceless to see these young poets’ faces beaming. It is about as good, or even better, than getting acceptances to my own work.

Here is the list of winners and honourable mentions.
Here are the first and third place winning entries. You can read the poems and enjoy these new voices.
Here is
Dawn by Stephanie Cui (First Place, Junior Category)
A Tree’s Life by Connie Xie (Third Place, Junior Category)

Christina Chen and Samantha Chen won last year First, Second, and Third place in their category and were Honourable Mentions this year. Needless to say my heart swells.
Congratulations to all the winners and honourable mentions.

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