Happy Solstice

Posted by Daniela Elza on Dec 29 2019

Sunrise over the Black Sea (courtesy of my younger son)

Winter solstice is something I like celebrating more than Christmas. We did not make a big deal of Christmas when I was growing up. But New Years was a big deal. This looking back, looking forward moment and stepping over the threshold of the New Year.

On the night of the 21st of December there are so many events on Granville Island with dancing and drumming and a fire show a the end of which they light up a sun on the top of the green hill. So we go, and carry a lantern or candle or something that adds to the light.

So this is me pushing the light up into the New Year.

I still prefer the New Year celebrations. Mostly because many make a big deal of Christmas and it is so commercialized that the New Year celebration seems more true and honest to me. It is less anxious and less anxiety driven.

We are at the Oregon Coast for this threshold, this stepping into the 2020. The surf is incessant and mesmerizing. Time for thinking, writing, looking back and looking forward.

I hope you have a chance to do that too in some sweet spot and set the tone for the next year.

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