In memoriam E.D. Blodgett

Posted by Daniela Elza on Dec 31 2019

Lovely to see this piece come out on the cusp of the new year. A few of us wrote pieces in memory of E. D. Blodgett.

I did a cento of first lines from his book Sleep~You~A Tree.
A cento of beginnings—

Here take a read. In memoriam E. D. Blodgett. I am at the end.

One Response to “In memoriam E.D. Blodgett”

  1. Doug Peterson Says:

    Beautiful poem. It showcases lines which behold the magic of a seasoned poet, for whom you commemorate with his own craft. I especially enjoy the line about every sunset being the first or last, and beholding the mystery of the next one.

    Can’t wait for ‘the broken boat.’ It will soon be drifting to near shores.

    Affectionately ….Your Pirate,