Happy New 2020

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jan 02 2020

Let this be the beginning of a better and wiser decade. I hope we come to our senses, all of them, and stop being such a destructive species. Let’s regain the trust we need to have in each other and our institutions.

the many stars of the new decade in the impoverished world
go make a difference

On the personal level I hope it is a great year for both the heart and the mind. And let there be more poetry, more love, and more human connection, intimacy and kindness.
Even scientists are now showing that doing good is not only good for the world and people around you, but it’s good for you. As if we needed them to tell us that, but if that is what you needed to push you over the edge then you have it now.
So do it. Help someone, lift someone up, and take good care of yourself too.

And let there be more trees. We lost so many this past decade.

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