book view #3

Posted by Daniela Elza on May 31 2020

Readers Respond – Book View:
Carol Reid reading the broken boat in Victoria, Vancouver Island , BC, says:
“In the broken boat everything is in flux, as long as you are willing to allow it. And this book is about allowing as much as anything.

time sweats out of my pores like rust and

I’m afraid it will stain the wedding
gown in the closet

I have many favourite lines from the broken boat, but if I have to pick one image it will be

and how every so often I find a rock/
the ocean rolled into a heart./

… how it too was broken before/
it was rolled smooth

I will let the strength of it summarize the wisdom of this journey. Elza is brave to look, and wise to find summation in this lovely image. The healing power is in this image, and I find this a book of profound healing and self-love. Such a hard topic, especially when you are right in the vortex.

There are many beautiful images, each a rung on the ladder as you move inevitably upward to the light, until even words are abandoned:

I ask them to stop making sense
so I can grieve your loss
the way you would’ve wanted me to

without a sound
without a word

Thank you, Carol for adding yet another view into the many windows of this book.

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