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Posted by Daniela Elza on Aug 28 2020

Thank you to poet Cornelia Hoogland and stain glass artist Ted Goodden for all the work they put into organizing this event with so many uncertain variables floating around. Ted and Cornelia themselves just published a book on which they collaborated, called Cosmic Bowling.
Thank you to the Hornby Arts Council for the space and sound. And thank you to The Writers Union of Canada for supporting this reading.

The stage was a dream. The sound was amazing. The trees had my back and attended this reading (over 100 of them). There is no limit to how many trees can attend an event. The pandemic guidelines say it’s better if trees attend your reading, and you are outdoors.

back stage and backdrop for the reading

What a delight to hear Traci Skuce read from Hunger Moon, her debut collection of short fiction. The audience was brave, and attentive. Yes, we speak now of brave and audience in the same breath. Thank you to all who supported us, with your presence, your questions, and with purchases of our books under quarantine.

the features: Traci Skuce and Daniela Elza (photo courtesy of Traci Skuce)

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