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Posted by Daniela Elza on Nov 16 2020

It is always a delight to serendipitously find comments on the broken boat:
Here are two I found on Goodreads:

I have read this book three times now. The first time all in one sitting … like a novel. The second time more slowly, and now a poem a day as a meditation.
It truly resonates with me on so many levels. The meditations help me to finally understand the loss of my own relationship so many years ago. Beyond the loss there is the beautiful language and stunning metaphor in each of these poems/meditations.”

—Mary Duffy, Poet, Teacher, Librarian

Daniela has an amazing sense of language—not only its sounds but also the shapes and textures of words. She plays with language, uses it to find more meaning, which I think is the essence of poetry.
So many of these poems made me sad. This is a book about grieving a huge loss. There is loneliness and a strong feeling of isolation, a lack of communication that she ironically communicates perfectly.
Loved this book. It is one I will reread.

—Michelle Barker, author of My Long List of Impossible Things, and The House of One Thousand Eyes

Thank you Mary and Michelle! In this lonely time of the pandemic it is nice to hear echoes and voices coming back.

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