the harvest is in

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jan 03 2021

The New Year is in and many are happy to see 2020 gone. It did live up to 2020 vision metaphor, where in hindsight we see how much we have mucked up the world. The crows are congregating outside my window spreading the tidings. And the sun is breaking through the clouds after days of rain and grey skies.

Here is to a new beginning. The year is still brand new, shiny, and squeaky clean. I hope we take to heart 2020 and what we have learned and plan and fight to change the world for the better. It begins with each one of us and the responsibilities we take. We can work together toward a more just, safe, and healthy future which has human wellbeing at its core, not a profit margin on the world.

On the publishing front, the harvest from last year is trickling it. That is the thing with publishing. It takes so long. Maybe that is why it feels is rewarding. It takes time and patience, in an impatient world. Here in the Riddle Fence, my name on the front cover, and, inside, an essay called “The Poem and the Carrot Went for a Walk one Day.” Hope you enjoy it.

In the picture below are the publications I’m most proud of. the broken boat is a full length collection, that took its time. slow erosions is a chapbook of collaborated poems between myself and Arlene Ang (a project I began a decade ago). And two essays. The one above. And the one below in. . .

The Queen’s Quarterly. I am delighted that my essay “But Where Are You Really From?” found a home in this beautiful publication. It also allowed for photos from the trip (I took with my son through Venice to Bulgaria and back through Munich) to accompany the essay.

The essay begins with my favourite photo from the trip, which also becomes a metaphor of sorts in the essay. When you get a chance to read some, or all, of these, I would love your thoughts.

In the mean time, I still have a few copies left of the broken boat. You can also get it directly from the publisher with free shipping still in effect. Sorry I cannot offer free shipping.

I have more chapbooks on order. I sold out of the first batch. You can still get them from me, before the launch on January 13th, for the sweet price of $10 + $2 for shipping in Canada. You can also get copies directly from the publisher here. slow erosions now has its own page.

Thank you for all your support in the last year, and let’s make this next one count.

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