my little pandemic bookstore

Posted by Daniela Elza on Apr 04 2021

Happy Poetry Month. Welcome to my very little pandemic bookstore open for Poetry Month.
Here are some titles. Do let me know in the messages if you want any or few and I will mail to you.

the broken boat (2020, 110 pages) $19.95 + $3.35 shipping in Canada
currently has free shipping if you buy from the publishers website.
slow erosions (2020, 24 pages) $10 + postage $2 in Canada.
for more info and sampling click here to the publisher’s website
I have 9 copies left #55, 56, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66
milk tooth bane bone (2013, 108 pages) $17 + $4 postage in Canada.
for more info + blurbs go to Leaf Press website.
I have the last 12 copies of the print run left.
the weight of dew (2012, 112 pages) $19:95 + postage
for more information + free shipping from publisher’s website
I have the last 6 copies of the print run left
the book of it (2011, 116 pages) copies at $10 + postage
click here for print on demand, ebook, or pdf
I have 6 print copies left at this price
Crow Morphologies (2018, Audio or CD) $10 + postage
poems come from milk tooth bane bone
soundscapes by Soressa Gardner
for more information, to listen, purchase or download click here.

Do let me know if you want two or more of the titles I will give you a poetry month deal and/or send you a gift.

Wishing you all a lot more poetry in your life this new 2021, may we all live more poetic lives.

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