on home and belonging

Posted by Daniela Elza on Mar 25 2024

Looking forward to sharing the stage with Taslim Jaffer and Esmeralda Cabral in readings and a conversation on home & belonging.

On Thursday, April 18th at 7pm, join Massy Arts and Massy Books in welcoming writers Taslim Jaffer, Esmeralda Cabral & Daniela Elza for a panel reading and discussion on the theme “The Places We Find Ourselves”

This is a Free Event.
Massy Art Society appreciates it when people register.
But you can come even if you have not registered.

What does it mean to belong? Where do you feel you belong? We can belong to people and places and all kinds of spaces, groups, and communities. What are the places we find ourselves? Are these spaces real or imagined? In this reading event, we hope to spark discussion on this theme. The authors have all explored spaces of in-between-ness in their writing and invite you to join in the conversation.

The event will be of interest to those who feel “at home” where they are, as well as those who may feel alienated, or feel they do not belong, for a variety of reasons. Join us to explore this topic and continue the conversation together.
Thank you to The Writers Union of Canada for partial support of this event.

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