they love me, they love me not (enough)

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jul 13 2010

July so far has been graced with two acceptances, and within the same week. (Four rejections which I will just acknowledge, but not talk about.) Lets just say this whole submission, rejection/acceptance … process can sound a bit like:
they love me not
they love me not enough
they love me
they love me not
they love me not enough
they love me…

Last week started with hearing back from qarrtsiluni (online literary journal) who took five of my crow poems for their upcoming issue The Crowd. So, these five crow.d poems have found a home. Thank you to Dave and Beth, the editors of this issue. The crows say they love you.

Few days ago I found out that OCW Magazine 5.1/#17 (relaunching from one cool word magazine) has accepted two of my micro stories. That makes three this year. I am kind of fond of these pieces, but never really gave them much of a chance to go out into the world (other than secretly enjoy them myself). After the BluePrintReview picked up the first one this year, I got encouraged to send these babies out more. Thank you Tracy Stefanucci and OCW team for giving these stories a home. They love you too.

[Do come to the Launch Party, July 23rd, 2010. Click on OCW Magazine Relaunch Party Press Release for more, or all the details and the line up of entertainment. Bring a friend.]

And so it goes. The petals fall one by one. Just do the best you can for your writing, like you would for your kids. And then send them out into the world and hope, pray, they make it on their own.

Photo by Robert Brown. (License: Creative Commons Attribution)

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  1. Karyn Says:

    So beautiful to see gratitude expressed like this ~