these crows are mischievous

Posted by Daniela Elza on Nov 25 2012

My upcoming book Milk Tooth Bane Bone is beginning to feel real. A decade in the making. A couple of years of circulating looking for a publisher. Well, I was also learning this whole submitting-a-manuscript-to-a-publisher business.

I thought it was going to be my first book. And here it is second (or third, depending on your counting criteria). Here is the Leaf Press ad in BC Bookworld. There should also be an ad in Pacific Rim Review of Books.

The book is scheduled to come out in April. That is four-some months from now. Working on getting the launch date pinned down. Editing and working on all the paratexts.

Here is a snapshot of the Leaf Press Catalogue page announcing the book with a description of it.

Here is a pdf attached as well.
Daniela Elza’s Catalogue page of Milk Tooth Bane Bone

Keep an eye out for another review of the weight of dew as well in the next Pacific Rim Review of Books.

Currently, I have the privilege to work with Aislinn Hunter on editing. We are on the third round of edits. I love working with Aislinn. She gets what I am doing and helps me achieve it better. She will also be writing an introduction to the book. Which I am delighted about.

In the mean time it is me and my crows here. We will see the new year in, one way or another.
They are pretty demanding and are not afraid to make it known. They also distract me, spark my cuiriosity all over, make me experiment and play when I am supposed to be supper focused and disciplined. But, I love them for that.

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